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TMK is a leader in providing conventional battery solutions for CORDLESS PHONE.  Whether your equipment is large or small, with TMK, you have a partner that will help develop the right solution.  We have the engineering and industrial strength to develop practical custom battery solutions when appropriate.

With our world-class Continuous Improvement systems, TMK has developed reliable Lithium and Nickel-based solutions for nearly a decade.  We have helped hundreds of customers develop profitable battery solutions.  We would be please to assist you.

Product Details:

Technical Data

    Production Characteristic

    1.Main Battery Items:12V 60AH, 24V 30AH.

    2.Using Temperature: -20 - +75 C degree.

    3.Usage Time: up to 1000 times.

    4.Extremely stable and reliable, advanced battery protection circuit.

    5.Battery status display .

    6.Professional UPS back up power system build up ability,  one stop solution.



    A.Telecom Back Up Power

    B.Railway、Traffic Signal System

    C.Data Processing Center

    D.House and Company back up power

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