24V 26Ah

Main Specification (The battery for Solar street lamp )

Item Specification
Model NO.: SSL-2424LFSSL-2426NCMSSL-2413MHSSL-2426MH
Battery Type:Li-Fe BatteryLi-ion batteryNi-MH BatteryNi-MH Battery
Nominal Capacity: 24Ah26Ah13Ah26Ah
Nominal Voltage:24V24V24V24V
Pack Dimension: 57*145*448mm43*145*395mm34*168*360mm68*168*360
Pack Weight: 5.1 kg3.5 kg4.8 kg9.6 kg
Nominal Charge current:5A5A5A5A
Nominal Disharge current:5A5A5A5A
Discharge Ending Voltage22.0V20.0V20.0V20.0V
Working Environment TemperatureCharge:0~+55℃Charge:0~+50℃Charge:-20~+65℃
Storage temperature and humidityWithin 6 months:-20℃ to 40℃,(45-85%RH)
Within 1 year:-20℃ to 35℃,(45-85%RH)
BMSProtectionShort circuit, Over temperature, 
Over charge/discharge, Over current
Design Life:10 Years(80% DOD @25℃)10 Years(80% DOD @25℃)
Warranty4  Years  6  Years 

Can meet the requirement of several packages to connect in parallel.
Application :
Solar energy storage.

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